Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Update on our life...

Well it's been a little while since I updated this so here it goes. Isabelle is out of school for the summer. She will be attending two camps, one in June and one in July. She is really excited about going. It feels like summer is in full bloom, except for the fact that it's only 60 degrees outside. We finally got our pool up and now it's too cold to use it. Story of my life!

 Jericha had her dance recital on June 4. They did a tap dance to "Do You Love Me" and did a fabulous job! She was so proud of herself.

Josiah rolled over for the first time yesterday. He was at daycare and went from his tummy to his back. Even though we missed the first time, it was just as exciting when he did it the second time. He is such a strong little guy and is developing so quickly. He is going to be a heart breaker when he gets older. I just know it.

Christine and I attended PRIDE fest on Saturday with a couple friends of ours. It was nice to get out of the house together with out the kids in tow. After pride we came home and played Sequence. That's when you know you are getting old, when you are home by 11pm and are super excited to play games with your neighbor friends. Kinda funny, but we really did have a good time.  Our goal is to have a date night at least once a month. So far we have been able to do it. The hardest part is finding a babysitter for all three kids. It may be a lot of work but it's totally necessary for our sanity!

At church we have started a new series call "The Domino Effect". I am totally digging this series.  The focus is on whatever we say or do in life today creates a domino effect that will impact the rest of our life either positively or negatively. The idea is to focus on the daily domino. That one domino represents TODAY. How we act today will impact not only today, but tomorrow and  all other days to follow. Just like a row of domino's when the first one in knocked over the chain reaction continues until an outside source interrupts it. I have been trying really hard to focus on this and take my days one at a time. Focusing on TODAY is a lot easier than focusing on the rest of my life.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

GOTR 5K and Memorial Day Fun

Just to catch you up on last week. Isabelle ran in the Girls On The Run 5K on Thursday May 25. I am so proud of her. It was a cruddy day, but she overcame the weather and ran the whole thing! Way to go Isabelle! You Rock!
Getting ready for the run....

The start of the race, where every girl is #1....

Crossing the finish line!

Woo Hoo!!!

This week: Monday was Memorial Day. I was supposed to work, but ended up getting called off. We decided to go to Ramona Park with Alli's family and Dad. There is nothing better than grilling out and swimming on a beautiful day. Everyone had a good time, and Dre got to show off his grilling skills!

Gerard ready to head back to the water.

Christine and Joey soaking up the sun.

He was all smiles!

Camille posing for the camera

Abby and Christine

Dre and Alli

Dre, Alli, and Sierra