Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Another family weekend is coming to an end. I always think of a million things that I should have done or didn't get done when Sunday night rolls around. I'm trying to work on focusing on what did get done.

1. I spent time with my amazing family.
2. We started isabelle's science project. (What brand of popcorn leaves the least amount of kernels?)
3. We ate lots of popcorn!
4. Went shopping and found Isabelle a dress for the father daughter dance. Might I just add that shopping in the juniors department reminded me how grown up my little girl is getting.
6. Played with the little ones and really enjoyed watching their ideas.
7. Cleaned up spilt dog water at least 3 times, maybe more ;)
8. Hung out with Christine every night, even if we did fall asleep on the couch both Friday and Saturday.... Maybe we will make it to bed before falling asleep tonight.

I love our weekends off together and wish they lasted longer!