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Our Family


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I love to save money and this site will guide you to the latest coupon deals, discount sites, and homemade money saving ideas! It has saved me plenty of times. I hope you find it useful.



I am a Craigslist junkie! I search it almost every day. I never know what I'm looking for, but you never know what you might find! I have gotten some really amazing stuff for really cheap off of this site. Just be smart about it and know what you are buying.


This is a great site to get the latest coupons for your next grocery shopping trip...


I have been doing weight watchers since September 2010. So far I have lost 74lbs! It works if you do it. Weight Watchers provides you with healthy eating ideas and a great method for tracking your day to day eating. I really recommend it for anyone who is trying to drop a few pounds in a healthy life changing way. It is not the quickest way, but it is definitely effective and long lasting.