Our Family

Our Family


                                                               Abby Green

Who am I? I am a proud girlfriend, mother, aunt, and foster parent. I work at the hospital as a PCA and I love my job. It's not just a job to me, it's my life. I love making that little difference in each person that I come into contact with. When ever I have free time I enjoy curling up on the couch and reading a good book. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of finishing a book that you just haven't been able to put down. I am also a scrapbooker! Yes I know I am sounding more and more dorky by the minute, but I really do love it. I can easily spend hours/days/weeks working on my scrapbooks. My ultimate goal is to have a scrapbook room, unfortunately right now that is in our 10 year plan. So I will just continue to keep my fingers crossed. I am also an animal lover. We have two dogs (Maddie and Max) and some fish.

When I'm not working I am probably with my family. They are a huge part of my life. Christine and I started working together in January 2006. By November 2006 we were dating and have been together ever since. We have had our ups and downs, but we are in it for the long haul. She is the love of my life, we were made for each other. We have that silent understanding between us. It's not necessary to speak, one always knows what the other one is thinking. I look forward to spending the rest of my life with her.

Isabelle is my daughter. She is eleven years old and absolutely amazing. She has the potential to do anything that she puts her mind to. I am always so proud of her. She is an avid reader and artist. Isabelle loves nature, playing outside, and making projects. She is always coming inside with rocks in her pocket or a new leaf discovery that she has big plans for. Isabelle is a very passionate person and she puts her heart into everything that she does. Isabelle is the average pre-teen. Nothing that we pick out is ever right, but if her friends love it then it's amazing. Before we know it she is going to be all grown up. I can't believe how quickly time flies.  

Jericha is my niece that we have foster care of. She is three years old. Jericha has been living with us full time since January 2010. Typical of a four year old she is very active and full of animation. Jericha is extremely intelligent and willing to learn. She started PEEPS at Arcadia school this year. We couldn't be more blessed to have Jericha as a part of our life. She keeps us on our toes, but at the end of the day it's totally worth it. When those big brown eyes look at you, and say something amazing it just makes you want to melt. Jericha always has her own plans and never wants to follow yours. She is very independent and always wants to learn something new.

Josiah is Jericha's half brother. We have foster care of him also. Josiah was born on March 17, 2011. We picked him up directly from the hospital. He weighed 7lbs 6oz when he was born. So far Josiah has been a healthy happy baby boy. He is starting to coo at us and bat his hands around. He recognizes our voices and is laughing when appropriate. Joey is a very easy going baby so far. We are so blessed to have him join our family.

Maddie is our four legged family member. She is a black terrier mix. Maddie was an SPCA rescue. She had a rough life before she came to us. Now the roughest thing that she endures is dealing with the baby chasing her around. We could not have asked for a better dog. She is amazing with kids. They can chase her, lay on her, carry her and it doesn't even phase her. We love our Maddie!

Our Home. I built my home through the Habitat for Humanity program. I was accepted into the program in January of 2006 by November 2006 I closed on my home. Through a lot of hard work, dedication and an amazing support system from my family I was able to complete the Habitat program. I learned more about home improvements, construction, finances and the importance of team work in those few months with Habitat than I had in my entire life up to that point. I will be eternally grateful to my Habitat family for the opportunities that they gave me and my family.