Our Family

Our Family

Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome 2012

As fun as all of the holiday festivities are I am happy to say that they are all finally over. It can be so draining buying gifts, wrapping, unwrapping, cleaning up, dishes to pass, family get togethers. Sometimes I feel like we get so wrapped up in everything that we have to go to that we miss the real meaning of why we are getting together in the first place. Kinda sad. Overall we had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.  I am looking forward to starting 2012 off with new goals and a positive attitude toward accomplishing them.

Isabelle had her first band concert a few weeks ago and rocked it out! She received some fabulous gifts for Christmas. We have had a hard time prying them out of her hand. At least she is still at the age where she was excited to go back to school this morning. I'm not sure how many of those years we will have left. She is getting to be such a preteen. Everything is so dramatic and loud! Even though I may complain about it, I still love every minute and couldn't ask for a better daughter.

Jericha has started having overnight visits with her dad two nights a week. She has really been enjoying them. She had a wonderful Christmas. I think her favorite gifts were her Leapster 2 and her princess castle that came with all of the Disney prince and princesses. Who wouldn't love that? She was also very excited to go back to school and tell them about her gifts. She is at the age where she wants you to spell everything for her. It's kind of funny to hold a conversation with her. Every other sentence she is saying " and how do you spell that?" she will write it down on her Doodle Pad. I love that she has such an interest in reading and writing. Jericha is a very smart little girl.

Josiah has been growing like a weed! He is 9 1/2 mo old and about 16lbs. He is crawling, pulling himself up on things, and pushing objects around the room. It won't be long before he starts walking. He is our mover. Jojo has started saying a few words (mamama, Alli, C, hungry). It's really funny to listen to him, because they aren't clear, but he will keep repeating himself until you figure it out! I love the determination. He still has no teeth, but I have faith that they will pop through soon. He is such a fun little guy to have around. We are so blessed to have such wonderful children in our lives. I thank the lord everyday for everything that he has given us.

Here are some pictures of our holiday fun:

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